Jiren vs goku who won

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jiren vs goku who won

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When all was said and done, Goku managed to show Jiren that his way of fighting, one that involved trusting his friends and family, was the right way, although Jiren didn't agree or disagree. When Goku went to say hello, out of nowhere, Jiren disappeared and from behind asked Goku to get lost. Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturday evenings at p. With 12 universes partaking in the competition, it was always a question of who is the strongest fighter out there.

Black saga Goku and Vegeta would make a much weaker fusion than Broly saga Goku and Vegeta fusing would. Aside from being a wonderful fighter, Jiren is also a very interesting character. But who will win this Death Battle? That wall in itself was proving difficult to penetrate for Goku. Goku was able to match the astounding difference in both their power levels mid-tournament.

Goku had enough of the mind games and he switched it up to Super Saiyan Blue but even that wasn't hurting Jiren and his glare was proving enough. A little glimpse of the same was given when Ultra Instinct Goku was giving Jiren a good time. Jiren, on the other hand, has much more control over his skills and he'll only get stronger.With 12 universes partaking in the competition, it was always a question of who is the strongest fighter out there.

Without a surprise, it was Jiren from Universe 11, whose energy level was so high that he had already eclipsed his own universe's God of Destruction. Here are some facts about their rivalry in the Tournament of Power. When Universe 11 arrived, Goku, with Vegeta, felt a tingling sensation. That was due to Jiren's tremendous energy. When Goku went to say hello, out of nowhere, Jiren disappeared and from behind asked Goku to get lost.

jiren vs goku who won

The warning signs were always there. When Goku and Jiren began fighting, as is customary with every Goku opponent, he started out by testing Jiren's strength.

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Nothing really happened to Jiren during these transformations as he dealt with Goku pretty easily. He didn't even have to show his real strength to fight the Saiyan. Goku had enough of the mind games and he switched it up to Super Saiyan Blue but even that wasn't hurting Jiren and his glare was proving enough.

The glare means Jiren's technique to build an invisible energy wall around him through a glare. That wall in itself was proving difficult to penetrate for Goku. Unfortunately, though, this Spirit Bomb attack didn't pan out as it usually does because Jiren was able to deal with it quite easily. He was maneuvering the gigantic ball of energy like it was some kind of sport.

'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Who Wins Between Goku and Jiren

In the end, Goku hurt himself through this attack, although it triggered something beautiful. There is something incredibly different about Saiyans. Their ability to come out of adversity and unleash something out of the world is so common that it cannot be considered a coincidence. But, there Goku was sporting a new look; the Ultra Instinct. If anything, Jiren triggered Goku to break his boundaries and it's unknown whether someone else could push the Saiyan enough to unleash Ultra Instinct.

As of right now, Goku can't attain the power level at will. Aside from being a wonderful fighter, Jiren is also a very interesting character. His background story reveals that he lost everyone he loves and now, he doesn't put his trust in anyone. A little glimpse of the same was given when Ultra Instinct Goku was giving Jiren a good time.The final challenger to take on Goku and the rest of the team representing Universe 7 in Super's climactic Tournament of Power was Jiren.

jiren vs goku who won

A Pride Trooper from Universe 11, Jiren possessed combat power comparable to the gods themselves as the strongest single fighter in the Dragon Ball Multiverse appearing at the tournament. Set after the events of the anime series, the franchise had released the anime feature film Dragon Ball Super: Brolyproviding the canonical introduction of fan-favorite villain Broly.

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Broly previously debuted in a trilogy of non-canonical anime films and video game adaptations set during the Dragon Ball Z era. The incarnation of the Legendary Super Saiyan in the Super film was even stronger than he had been before, now capable of easily overpowering Goku and Vegeta even after both Saiyans had transformed into Super Saiyan Blue.

But which of the two hulking antagonists would emerge victorious should they never confront one another?

After all, both Jiren and Broly survived their respective battles against Goku, with both vowing to grow even stronger for an inevitable rematch, so it's entirely likely that a showdown between the two could actually occur in a future adventure.

And with Broly able to stand toe-to-toe against Gogeta even with the composite warrior at Super Saiyan Blue, he could likely be Jiren's toughest opponent yet. One thing that's important to note is that fighting against Jiren pushed Goku far enough past his normal physical limits that it triggered the longtime Dragon Ball protagonist to transform into his Ultra Instinct state. The other side of that is perhaps Broly's Legendary Super Saiyan state didn't give Goku the opportunity for Goku to transform, whereas Jiren had intentionally held back for much of the tournament.

Broly steadily grows more powerful as he fights, so Jiren would have to take a potential match-up very seriously from the start to prevent Broly from rising to his level and possibly overpowering him. Possessing strength equal to a God of Destruction certainly gives Jiren an edge in this regard—in the Super film, Broly was seen unable to land a single blow on Whis who had naturally achieved defensive capabilities similar to Ultra Instinct.

Broly, like all Saiyans, is powered by sheer rage, and should he go into a fight angry, he may catch Jiren off-guard. While engaging in a normal bout, however, Jiren has a definitive edge. Broly and Jiren are the two strongest opponents Goku has ever fought, likely stronger than Beerus himself judging by the God of Destruction's obvious discomfort watching Jiren fight.

However, with a lifetime of rigorous training and nigh unflappable combat discipline, Jiren has a definitive edge against the more raw, uncontrollable Broly. Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about The Beatles.

You can follow him on Twitter samstoneshow and ask him about Nintendo, pop punk, and Star Trek. Home Anime News Jiren Vs. By Sam Stone Mar 26, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

jiren vs goku who won

Shonen Showdown: Bleach's Yoruichi Vs. Cells at Work! Has a New Game in Development.These days, Goku is squaring up for the most important fight of his life. Battling baddies like Freeza and Cell were important, but they did not decide upon the fate of Universe 7.

There are some serious spoilers below! Fans can thank Weekly Shonen Jump and Animage for giving them a heads up about the finale. This month, Dragon Ball Super will air episodemarking its final TV episode before the franchise carries on in a December film.

When synopses for the episode went live, fans were quick to turn translations around, so you can check out one spoiler-friendly blurb below:.

It seems like Universe 7 has lost, and everyone will be annihilated, but Having broken through his limits, Goku and Jiren stare at the Omni-Kings, as if the match isn't over yet. So, there you have it.

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Right now, it looks like Jiren will get the upper-hand against Goku. The Universe 11 fighter may not knock Goku out, but Jiren will definitely push him from the Tournament of Power.

With the hero being ringed out, the rules dictate that Jiren wins the match as Goku was pushed out of bounds. However, the synopsis seems to hint that the fight will continue even after Goku loses on a technicality. So, there is still a chance that Goku could make a truly miraculous comeback.

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Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturday evenings at p. Adult Swim airs the English dub during its Toonami block Saturday evenings at p. Are you ready for more Dragon Ball? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime! Comments 1.Dragon Ball is all about Goku and the Z-Fighters trying to improve their individual power levels, while dealing with their personal lives and supervillains who want to destroy their home planet Earth.

Over the years, Goku has faced some very tough challenges, and almost always, he seems to find a way towards victory. But it hasn't always come in the first attempt. Despite being one of the strongest mortals in the Dragon Ball Universe, Goku has gone through some embarrassing moments, losing both deservedly and unreservedly. Nevertheless, with the sheer amount of fights that he has been in, he was bound to lose at least some of them.

It has to be remembered that when Goku faced Captain Ginyu of the Frieza force, he hadn't learned the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. But still, Goku had Ginyu on tight ropes.

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He was growing into the battle and it looked for a while like the Saiyan would win the battle. That was when Ginyu pulled out his signature trick of switching bodies. It caught Goku off guard but here, the Saiyan's arrogance cost him. He should have finished Ginyu way before he was given this opportunity.

In the Saiyan SagaGoku was shocked to know the truth about his origins. He learned about Raditz, who was his brother, and the deadly Saiyan race taking over planets for fun. In a battle that was coming, Goku, with Piccolo, faced Raditz in order to save Gohan from the villain's clutches. Goku had to dig deep and in the end, he had to sacrifice himself to get rid of Raditz for good.

It was a thoroughly deserved loss. Kale might be one of those Saiyans who can accomplish the Legendary Super Saiyan form but she shouldn't be anywhere near Goku's level. Here's a Saiyan who has trained all his life and yet, he was left battered and bruised fighting a young Saiyan girl, who didn't even know about her powers before the Tournament of Power.

The way she was manhandling Goku's Super Saiyan Blue form just didn't feel right.


After Raditz, the Z-Fighters faced the daunting task of beating not one, but two Saiyans. The fight was very close, with Goku pulling out the Kaioken technique to stay on top. That was until Vegeta transformed into the Great Ape and absolutely smashed Goku to pieces.Jiren is one of the most powerful characters in the world of Dragon Ball. He appeared as the main antagonist of the Tournament of Power arc who stood in the way of Goku and his friends as they aimed to win the competition and ensure the survival of their universe.

As one of Dragon Ball's strongest, Jiren is someone whose strength surpasses that of even a God of Destruction, quite possibly making him the strongest known mortal to ever exist in the multiverse. As such, defeating him is quite an arduous task. Here are five characters from Dragon Ball that Jiren can defeat, and five more that he can't. Vegeta is one of the main characters from Dragon Ball and he's one of Universe 7's strongest Saiyans.

Like GokuVegeta is capable of using Super Saiyan Blue to raise his powers to astronomically high levels. Furthermore, Vegeta can even go a step beyond that with Blue Evolution, taking his powers even higher than Toppo, a God of Destruction candidate. However, when compared to Jiren, Vegeta is nowhere close to his level, which means if the two were to fight again, Vegeta would, undoubtedly, lose the fight.

During the Tournament of Power, we were treated to some incredible action with Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku taking on Jiren in a fight. Although Jiren appeared to be stronger initially, Goku's ever-growing strength proved to be too much for him by the end. While Jiren is very powerful, there is absolutely no denying that Goku can take him down in the Mastered Ultra Instinct state, although for Goku, achieving that form once again has been a challenge ever since. Universe 6's famed assassin, Hit an extremely powerful character, strong enough to kill most who stand in his path.

Hit's physical abilities are incredible, however, his strength is his ability to skip through time. Furthermore, Hit's progression, especially when fighting opponents who are stronger than him had been noted to be incredible.

Despite that, however, Hit won't be able to defeat Jiren in a fight. As explained by Vados during the Tournament of Power, Jiren's powers are even beyond time, which means no matter how much Hit improves his time-skip, he is more likely to lose the fight than not.

Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 and quite possibly the strongest known God of Destruction there is. Everything about him, from his physical abilities to his techniques like Hakai, is mind-blowing. Unfortunately, we've never seen Beerus at full power, which means that his real strength could surpass that of Jiren.Dragon Ball 's protagonist Goku has never met a fighter he wasn't eager to test his skills against.

Whether they're friend or foe, good or evil, Goku really just wants to spar with every strong fighter he possibly can. While he's not the only Z fighter who has ever defeated a big bad enemy, he definitely has the highest win count out of all of them. At this point, Goku has sparred with just about every character on the show who can throw a punch. He may not always win the first time, but he always ends up becoming the strongest somehow.

Still, this is anime, and Goku could never have gotten to where he is today without the help of his loyal friends and family. Yamcha is kind of a joke in the fando m, so it's easy to forget that he was a very early Dragon Ball antagonist. In the first example of Goku being a better fighter on a full stomach, this rematch saw the young Saiyan land a firm kick to Yamcha's face, separating him from one of his teeth.

Beerus vs Jiren (Fan Animation)

Since then, it's only been downhill for Yamcha. Goku ended up dying along with his brother Raditz in their battle, so it's debatable whether this would count as a win for Goku. Technically, this win goes to Piccolo since he was the one who fired the killing blow, but Goku did his part in holding Raditz in place while the blast went through them both.

Without Piccolo's cooperation and their strong teamwork, Raditz would've lived to see another day. Goku and Tien were, at one point, bitter rivals. Tien beat Goku on a technicality during a particularly contentious martial arts world championship final.

However, when the rematch finally happened, the two gave it their all in a victorious match for Goku that stands as a highlight of the original series. There was nothing else Goku could do to defeat Kid Buu than produce a Spirit Bomb using the energy from every single one of the living and newly resurrected people of Earth.

Even though he was essentially incapacitated and weakened to the point of death, Goku still managed to outmaneuver Piccolo to finally be crowned the world martial arts champion. It's funny to think that even though Vegeta was forced to retreat and regroup after his first encounter with Goku, he still technically beat him.

It was a team effort to drive Vegeta away that involved a lot of luck mixed in with some serious teamwork.

One of the highlights of the fight was when Yajirobe jumped in and sliced Vegeta's tail off to transform him out of his raging Great Ape state.

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