High pressure air blower for cleaning

Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site! Dust is the No. No matter how good your computer case is and how many fan filters you have installed in it, dust still finds its way inside your computer case and gets collected over your precious computer components. Also, it can get collected on the motherboard and its components, and if there is moisture build-up inside the case during the humid season then it can lead to a short circuit on the motherboard or PCB and can damage it permanently.

high pressure air blower for cleaning

The best way to remove dust from the PC case and computer components is not by using a vacuum cleaner, but blowing air to the components and case. Compressed air cans have been very popular for cleaning the computer and its parts but they prove too much costly to clean a complete PC, and they cannot be used again, once they get empty. You may also use a vacuum cleaner in blower mode to clean the computer and its components, but I would strongly advise not to do this because the air coming out from the vacuum cleaner carries a lot of static charge with it and it can severely damage your motherboard and other electronic components.

So, the best way to clean the dust from your computer case, computer parts, and other electronic components is by using electric dusters or electric air dusters that are designed especially for this purpose. An electric duster is a compact and small air blower that blows out air at high pressure to remove the dust from the things at which it is directed. Electric air dusters are way more economical and safer than compressed air cans or compressed air dusters. It is only a one-time investment and then you can clean your computer or electronics as many times as you want, without having to fear that it may run out of the air which is the case with compressed air cans.

Electric Dusters are much safer than compressed air cans because the only thing coming out of them is air, but compressed air cans may emit the chemical liquid that is contained inside them, and this may cause damage to your computer parts and electronics.

Also, the chemicals used in compressed air cans is very deadly and not safe for the environment.

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So, this is definitely not a green way to clean your computer or electronics. Selecting a good electric air duster is very important if you care for your computer or electronics, so here I am going to list down the best electric dusters that you can get for yourself. Also, these Electric Air Dusters can get hot when in continuous operation, so give them a little rest or pause in between when cleaning things. Note: An electric duster is also known as electric computer duster, electric dust blower, computer dust blower, PC dust blower, electric air blower or an electric compressed air duster.

high pressure air blower for cleaning

Here are the best electric air dusters or computer air dusters for cleaning computers, PC components, laptops, notebooks, peripherals, electronics, etc. These electric dusters can be used for homes and offices. A very popular and powerful electric air duster that has been trusted by many users. It can be used to clean Desktop PC, laptops, keyboards, camera lens, MacBook keyboard, CPU heatsinks, case fans and various other electronics and household items.

It is much more cost-effective and economical than a canned air can, and can be used multiple times without any restrictions. It generates a maximum airflow of 70 CFM and comes with 12 feet long cord. The build quality of this electric duster is superb as the main body and air tank unit is made up of steel metal. This electric duster has no variable speed adjustment and works at a single speed only, and this is a slight shortcoming of this device.

It is available in both V and V variants, and with two-pin and three-pin plugs for use in different countries. Pros: Steel body construction, Great performance, Long cord, Multiple nozzle attachments. Just like the DataVac electric duster, this one is also a W air duster with 0. The cord length is 10 feet which I think is long enough for reaching anywhere. It is a compact and lightweight electric duster, and its body is made up of high-quality ABS plastic.

In some ways, it is even better than DataVac Electric Duster when considering the design elements, because its body does not get heat up like the DataVac duster, which has a steel body.

It can be used to clean computers, electronics, computer devices, air vents, windows and various other things where dust can get into. It is available in three color options which are black, blue and green, and is also cheaper than DataVac Electric Duster.

Highly Recommended by me.The radial blade fan wheel in an industrial pressure blower helps move material-laden air at medium to high static pressures and stays clean in the process. That includes everything from light particles to heavier materials that can be sticky or abrasive, without compromising the fan wheel integrity.

The straight radial blades are positioned at 90 degree angles to the outside surface of the wheel hub. The way the blades are situated keeps them free of debris as the air and materials flow through the airstream. The pressure blower is available in two models, Open Radial and Shrouded Radial.

They are both heavy-duty.

high pressure air blower for cleaning

The shrouded model offers additional efficiencies. The density of the materials in the airflow will help determine which model is optimal as well as the remaining characteristics, including drives, features, and accessories. Other radial fan options are available in addition to the high pressure blowers.

See our Radial Fans for Material Handling Product Page for performance and design specifications along with other details. Senior Application Engineer Chet White demonstrates the self-cleaning radial blade pressure blower in this second video.

There are many factors to consider in every industrial fan application. Here are related pages and posts that might be of interest as you think about your application:. How the Radial Blade Pressure Blower Works The straight radial blades are positioned at 90 degree angles to the outside surface of the wheel hub. Hear it from the Application Engineer Senior Application Engineer Chet White demonstrates the self-cleaning radial blade pressure blower in this second video.

Related Content on Industrial Fan Applications There are many factors to consider in every industrial fan application.Sign In. Join Free. Inquiry Basket. Get Apps. Post Sourcing Request. Guangdong, China. Business Type:.

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Jason Ye. Enter between 20 to 4, characters.High Pressure Blowers, aka forced draft high-pressure fans, are the go-to design for continuous duty industrial applications with high static pressure and low airflow. They can move clean air, light particulate, or vapor, and can be customized to handle abrasive, sticky, and hot airstreams. AirPro designs and constructs custom heavy-dutydurable High Pressure Blowers using fully welded material, which provides a higher quality product compared to riveted construction.

There are multiple options for materials of constructionincluding fiberglass, for various thermal, corrosive, particle-laden processes, and environmental conditions.

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High Pressure Blower wheels have straight radial blades positioned at degree angles to the outside surface of the wheel hub to keep them free of debris as the air and materials flow through the airstream. Surgeless design enables them to provide consistent performance through variable low to medium airflow and uniform pressure.

The most appropriate wheel design is based on the volume and pressure combination of the air, along with the desired operating efficiency of the blower. In addition to four pre-engineered models, our High Pressure Blower line includes two hyper-custom models with seven base designs 1, 2, 3, 3. Capable of handling low particulate or vapor in high-pressure applications, our highly Custom High Pressure Blowers:.

HPRL — blower designed with an open radial wheel. Engineered for low air volumes at high static pressures. The open radial wheel does involve decreased operating efficiency when compared to the shrouded wheel but covers a wider range of air volume and pressure combinations. The increased wheel width increases the air volume capacity, which increases the efficiency of the high-pressure blowers.

Engineered to the Nth degree based on your specific application requirements, these designs also solve for fixed speed requirements. HPSL — blower featuring a shrouded wheel design. This wheel type is designed to move low volumes of air at high static pressures with high operating efficiencies. HPSM — blower also featuring the shrouded wheel design. With increased wheel width, this model is designed for low-to-medium air volumes at high pressures.

Learn More. Our high-pressure blowers play a role in this process. Types of High Pressure Blowers High Pressure Blower wheels have straight radial blades positioned at degree angles to the outside surface of the wheel hub to keep them free of debris as the air and materials flow through the airstream. Serve the widest range of applications, larger fans, and higher horsepower 1. Accommodate consistent wheel width and optimize for low volume with greater efficiency at peak performance.

Precise, rugged and reliable, we build these fans to last.Environmental protection Side Channel Blower are air blowers that meet environmental protection requirements. SCB Vacuum Side Channel Air Blower are manufactured and produced based on a series of advantages such as high quality, high efficiency, and energy saving. So what are the main ways for environmental protection Side Channel Air Blower to save energy consumption? In addition, the large-scale environmental protection fan adopts soft-start technology to reduce the impact of the equipment on the large-scale motor when the equipment is started, and achieves the synchronous start and stop of the production equipment, thereby saving energy.

Once illegal use is found Yes, it must be stopped in time and strictly assessed.

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Such as the use of water, there are pure water, tap water, purified water, river water, etc. For example, when heating, use high-efficiency and low-cost central air conditioners as much as possible without using high-energy-consuming equipment such as electric stoves.

High Pressure Small Electric Blower cleaning Air Blower

Product Details Technical Parameters. Based on the principle of honesty, our company has acquired a good reputation among global customers. We achieve development with talents, create value with science and technology, win trust from customers with quality and create win-win situation with integrity. We regard scientific and technological innovation and technological transformation investment as the driving force for enterprise development. Focusing on the global market, building an international brand, continuously improving our quality level, and maximizing customer profits are our constant commitment and eternal pursuit.

Model Stage Rated Normal. Air flow Normal. Vacuum Normal.We're open for business as usual, while adhering to CDC Guidelines for the protection of our employees and customers. Our high pressure blowers deliver dependable performance in high static processes. Our high pressure blowers are custom engineered to meet your precise specifications. Air Systems places a priority on providing superior customer service, from same-day quotes and installation to maintenance and in-house field service if needed.

high pressure air blower for cleaning

We invest the time it takes to understand your process, challenges, and goals to develop a high pressure blower solution that meets your specific needs. Cincinnati Fan manufactures the most effectively designed cast aluminum and fabricated steel industrial fans, blowers, and exhausters available. Cincinnati Fan is also the source for custom models, engineered to meet the precise applications needs and requirements.

Northern Blower industrial blowers are specifically designed for challenging processes. Models: High Pressure Blowers. Request Quote. Cincinnati Fan Cincinnati Fan manufactures the most effectively designed cast aluminum and fabricated steel industrial fans, blowers, and exhausters available.Easy-to-read, question-and-answer fact sheets covering a wide range of workplace health and safety topics, from hazards to diseases to ergonomics to workplace promotion.

air blower dust cleaner high pressure

Download the free OSH Answers app. Search all fact sheets:. Under no circumstances should anyone use compressed air to clean off clothing or any part of the body.

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Although many people know using compressed air to clean debris or clothes can be hazardous, it is still used because of old habits and the easy availability of compressed air in many workplaces. However, cleaning objects, machinery, bench tops, clothing and other things with compressed air is dangerous. Injuries can be caused by the air jet and by particles made airborne re-enter the air. Many workplace injuries occur due to the misuse of compressed air.

In many Canadian jurisdictions, cleaning with compressed air is not allowed by law. Alberta, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan specifically mention that compressed air shall not be used to clean clothes, or in other situations cleaning a person, machinery, work benches, etc. Reference to cleaning may also be included with specific mention to it being prohibited when there is a risk to the worker being injured or that the device must be specifically designed to safely clean a person or surface federal regulations, Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, North West Territories, Nunavut, and the Yukon.

In some cases, other legislation may apply. For example, cleaning with compressed air is prohibited in Manitoba and Ontario when working with asbestos. Always check with your jurisdiction for more information. First, compressed air is extremely forceful. Depending on its pressure, compressed air can dislodge particles.

These particles are a danger since they can enter your eyes or abrade the skin. The possible damage would depend on the size, weight, shape, composition, and speed of the particles.

The pressure used to remove the particles from machines and surfaces is also strong enough to blow the filings, shavings, chips and particles of metal into the eyes, ears or skin of people. Compressed air can enter the body where the skin is not present i. There have also been reports of hearing damage caused by the pressure of compressed air and by its sound. Second, the compressed air itself is also a serious hazard.

On rare occasions, some of the compressed air can enter the blood stream through a break in the skin or a body opening. An air bubble in the blood stream is known medically as an embolism, a dangerous medical condition in which a blood vessel is blocked, in this case, by an air bubble. An embolism of an artery can cause coma, paralysis or death depending upon its size, duration and location.

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While air embolisms are usually associated with incorrect diving procedures, they are possible with compressed air due to high pressures.

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